Sonu Sood refused to meet me… He refused to work under a woman director: says Kangana Ranaut


Bollywood super star Sonu Sood said no to the period drama Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi.

The actor claimed that he had to take this step owing to his professional pledge to Ranveer Singh-starrer Simmba. But Manikarnika’s actress Kangana Ranaut has a different story to say about this.

The actress claimed that Sonu has left the film as he said no to work under a female director.

“Inconveniencing the team of his current film, to accommodate the demands of another, are against his professional principles. Sonu has taken the higher road ahead and wishes the team of ‘Manikarnika…’ all the best,” Sonu’s representative stated in a report.

Kangana stated that Sood didn’t even provide the makers tentative dates.

#KanganaRanaut CONFIRMS #SonuSood's exit from #Manikarnika, says, 'he is busy shooting for #Simmba 🚫🎬 . . . 🚫مشكلة جديده مع #كانغانا_رانوت وصراع جديد مع ممثل آخر 🚫 . أكدت كانغانا رانوت ان #سونو_سود رسميا خرج من فيلمهم الذي يتم تصويره حاليا "Manikarnika" وصرحت قائلة : " نعم انه خارج الفيلم "!! 🎬❌ . ما السبب ؟؟ ⚠ بعد ان صور سونو بعض المشاهد وظهر شكله بالكواليس .. كشفت المصادر ان مخرج الفيلم كريش ابتعد عنه لﻹرتباطه بفيلم اخر ، وبعدها استلمت كانغانا الإخراج بدلا منه، وبدأت توجه طاقم الفيلم وتوجه تعليمات لسونو .. ورفض سونو هذا الشئ ان توجهه امرأه ويكون تحت اشرافها ولا يتحمل أوامرها وهي تقول له البس هذا ولا تلبس هذا . وقالت كانغانا ضاحكه : ههه انه شئ غريب انه لا يريد ان يكون تحت إدارتي ! فطاقم الفيلم كله مؤمن بي" . وعندما تم سؤالها عن ماذا ستفعل الآن بعد خروج سونو ؟ قالت ( من السهل جدا ان اجد ممثل بديل ، وسيتم حذف مشاهده التي صورها ولن اظهر جزء منها ، وسأعيد تصوير الفيلم ، كل شئ على مايرام ) 🎬 . . الحين انا بتكلم بالحق / سونو من عرفناه هادي ومحترم وعمره ماسمعنا له حس .. واشتغل قبل مع مخرجات حريم مثل فرح خان ، بس انتي ياكانغانا شكو بشغل المخرج ؟ تعطين اوامر لممثل ومدخله بكل شئ اكييد بيزهق الرجال وبينحاش !!😑 اكيد زودتها معاه حبتين كالعاده ماتخلي سوالفها 😂 ولا كان الرجال ما ترك الفلم بكبره بعد ماصور نصه المسكين 🌚💔 . انتو شرايكم بالمشكله اللي صارت ببينهم⚠🚫 / تشوفون منو الصح ومنو الغلطان فيهم !؟ 🎤 . . . . #bollywood #بوليوود

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“He refused to meet me… He refused to work under a woman director. Even though the team suggested that they have full faith in me, it seems, Sonu had neither dates nor faith,” she said.

Kangana also stated that Sonu decided to fit in some ‘kushti’ scenes that were not in the screenplay.

“He wanted the producers to retain the kushti portions as he made the body for it for four months. How did I know that is happening behind my back? When writers saw the film, they said they don’t want it,” he added.

As per a source close to Sood, a big cause behind Sonu’s exit from the movie is Kangana’s unethical outlook and fake claims.

“Sonu has never had any problems with anyone in his almost two decade-long career. Sonu has previously worked with the woman filmmaker, Farah Khan. Also, Kangana claims that Sonu had shot the kushti scene behind her back, but surprisingly the director has to be present on the set to shoot a film and not just the actor,” the source stated.

“Manikarnika – The Queen of Jhansi” will reach theaters on January 25 next year.


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